Coming Out.

I was reminded of this post i did to Reddit a few years ago when I first came out online as finding myself liking the TV show My Little Pony, it seems I accidentally became something called “a brony”. It’s why I use this avatar online for myself.

My ex step daughter (we don’t really have a word for that in English do we) chose it for me “she looks like Anarcho Pony” she said, after I told her I liked the show she said she did too and from then on we used to watch MLP together. The post is reproduced slightly edited below.

“OK, so i think I’ve accidentally become a brony.

I remember when Ponies first hit /b/ very quickly they were everywhere and I just thought it was some /b/tard fuckitry and i never did really engage with any of the threads. Then sometime later i came across the phenomena outside 4chan and yet again didnt really engage with it, so some adults liked a kids TV show I thought, so what, didn’t seem like any harm was being done.

Then I found a documentary about bronies on Netflix, not the actual show but the adults who liked it. I gave it a watch and thought actually it seems like these people are really getting something out of it, they seems to have found a community. Good luck to them I thought and just carried on with my life.

Then yesterday I was watching some youtube video, on some unsolved mysteries or something and really liked the presenters, so i looked through their back catalogue. There i found this video and was intrigued by the use of the word “controversy” what controversy i thought, and began watching. In the show they referenced this video. i actually got to see some characters from the show for the first time. The “are bronies a deviant social group” jumped out at me, it told me this was a sociological piece and it was, it was a PhD submission. On bronies.

I found and read some other sociological research done on bronies as a social group and found most were shy, introverted and being in this community had helped them, socially. I could find nothing to fault it with. Though like most people i’d got stuck on the whole adults loving a “kids show” thing. (In reality MLP isn’t a kids show though, it’s a family show, it’s made for parents and kids to watch together, there is so much adult content that goes totally over the kids heads and some of the language is very adult too.)

So I thought, look you’re never going to understand it’s appeal unless you watch some of it for yourself. So thats what I did, and i was hooked straight away. Right from the beginning of the first show, Twilight says “..this is imperative.” IMPERATIVE? woah, maybe this isn’t for kids. Then we got to the theme music, wow that is some Chooon. The way it just drops in after a slow start, genius.

Anyhow, five hours later I was still watching it and just beaming, after every show i had this big stupid grin all over my face. The characters, the stories, the “moral lessons”, the music, the animation: theres not a single thing that isn’t just brilliant. As the evening progressed and the hours whizzed by I felt myself wanting to go to bed but my brain was all “just one more episode, one more episode”

So, here i am, day two and still stuck in front of the TV with a silly smile on my face, watching a “kids” show. I love this show! And though i laugh at myself for liking it so much, Im ready to say: IM A BRONY”

After writing this I did a “coming out” thing with my friend all serious like, before I even got to the punchline “I’m a brony” she screamed “Fuck off. You are not fucking gay Ferdi” 😂🤣😂🤣

And so here I am years later still liking the show and to those who doubt how good it is I issue a challenge on MLP, watch the first episode, it’s twenty minutes long, what’s the worst that could happen? The first episode is split into two parts, watch the first and I’d bet a pound to a penny that you’ll want to watch the second part, you’ll want to know what happens 😃 it’s an awesome show, don’t miss out on seeing it.


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