American Empire up to its same old shit. Again.’

Clicking on the New York Times links and seeing the headline that the United States under Trump is continuing its foreign policy in the same vein its always operated and that it has plans for a military coup against the democratically elected president of Venezuela isn’t what bothers me, its the way these kind of stories drift under the radar, they’re not new, there’s a few angered tweets and then nothing. Decades after they toppled democratically elected governments in Italy and Iran the US is still getting to decide what kind of governments other countries are allowed to have and we treat it as if this kind of behaviour is normal and we just carry on. Well its not normal, by what right does the USA have to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, who gave America presidents the power to decide other country’s governments? Where is the outrage? It’s just another example of the way we organise the world is antiquated, there is no global government, or global court there’s no method to curtail the biggest most powerful nation on the bloc? America acts with impunity, it invades countries, topples elected presidents and nothing happens. How is the world supposed to protect itself from the biggest bully in the world?

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