A huge missed opportunity on Brexit.

In all the foray around Brexit it seems to me that the UK is really missing a huge opportunity offered it by Brussels. The argument centres around the back stop plans for preventing a hard border in Ireland. This issue is by far the most important issue because if a hard border reappears the successors to the IRA are going to turn the heat up north of the border, bombs will start to go off again, people will be killed. These groups have consistently argued against the good Friday agreement and a hard border would’ve confirm their position. To stop this the EU has offered to keep Northern Ireland inside the Customs union. Theresa May at the bidding of the DUP backers has rejected this saying it would create a border in the Irish Sea. But it seems to me this would present the UK with a huge advantage. In order to gain access to the EU market all British companies would need to do would be to set up a subsidiary in Northern Ireland and trade through that, this would give the U.K. the benefits of EU membership without having to pay and Theresa May is saying no to it. Two years on and I still have absolutely no idea what it is the Tories are trying to achieve with Brexit. facepalm.jpg


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