And so we begin…

It’s been months now since i lost my twitter account of 4,000 followers. It’s been quite weird, there are definitely some aspects to it that i miss, i certainly feel much lonelier than i did before but there are also benefits to not being wired to the internet at every minute of everyday, I don’t pick up my iPad half as much and i can get through entire episode of a tv show without having to check how well my last tweet went down. What i miss most through is having an audience for my views, i have an opinion on everything and twitter allowed me to share that with others. And that is why I’ve decided to create this blog, it will allow me to air my views and hopefully gain a new audience. I anticipate it will be much like my twitter feed but with no restrictions on length, there will be the usual politics, economics, and football with some philosophy thrown in. Maybe some cat pics. I dunno what it will become but ill try to add to it as much as i can.


UPDATE: I’m now back on Twitter I’m gonna use this for more lengthy, maybe more theoretical articles. I think they’ll compliment one another.

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